The ComputerGen Forum: Membership

To discuss any aspect of the forum we can be contacted here:

Regular newsletters are available through this web site as our experience develops in this technology with respect to Facial Surgery and the Medicolegal Assessment of Trauma, and the efficacy of surgical treatment.

Annual subscription to the ComputerGen Forum is $100.00 (U.S.) for the general public and Health Care Professionals.

Funds raised in this way will be utilised for research and development of this technology, for the benefit of patients world-wide.

The ComputerGen Study Group

The Study Group can be contacted here:

CD-ROM - Four Year Outcomes

The discussion of four-year outcomes is now available on CD-ROM. This will be of interest to Health Care Professionals e.g. the Purchasers and Providers of Health Care world-wide. This document contains detailed costs of treatment, with technical, scientific and clinical information, the use of video footage, and will be used as a vehicle to plan Treatment Protocols, Training Courses and Multicentred Clinical Studies.

CD-ROM - Maxillary Atrophy

A Cinepak CD Rom is available illustrating the operative procedure of single staged reconstruction of the Atrophic Maxilla with Customised Implant Insertion.

Ordering CD-ROM Discs

For further information or to order one of the CD-ROMs contact us here:

Purchasers, Providers and Clinicians wishing to register their interest and reserve a copies of these CD-ROMs should contact ComputerGen Implants through by e-mail specifying the CD(s) required and indicate their:



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