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(Diagnostic and Joint Treatment Planning Service)

For questions with regard to this type of treatment planning, email us here:

Microsoft Netmeeting Clinics

Clinicians interested in setting up a Microsoft NetMeeting Clinic for joint planning of cases should email ComputerGen and should include technical details of their CT scanner and proposed cuts.

Scans may also be transmitted to us on Optical WORM Discs or directly to our FTP site.

To send CAT scan data click here

The CAT scan data is required for reformatting prior to model manufacture. The models and implants may be dispatched to the host unit, and technical or operative assistance is available by arrangement.

Tumour Mapping

Solid tumours may be chromatically mapped in relation to their threshold of absorption of irradiation. This mapping may be demonstrated by a contrasting coloured resin in a biomodel, which is invaluable in the planning of complex tumour resections.

Interlocking Implants Chromatic mapping may be used in combination with the manufacture of interlocking implants, which would permit reconstruction of the entire midface. The nose, malar, maxilla, orbit and hemimandible have all been successfully reconstructed with customised titanium implants in individual patients, and there is logically no reason why implants cannot be made to interlock with different paths of insertion for reconstruction of huge anatomical defects.