Facial Regeneration

Recent developments in surgery have made it possible to grow bones without the use of bone grafts. This is known as distraction osteogenesis and the technology uses the body’s own capacity to heal bone (callus) to permit stretching of the facial skeleton into a cosmetic position.

Distraction Osteogenesis

These cases must be carefully planned. The bone is cut and surgically fractured. A distraction device is inserted across the area. Part of this device is exteriorised through the mouth or skin, and is used with a key to crank the bone fragments apart at a rate of 1mm / day. The surgery is generally of a less major nature and can be used in association with :-

  • increasing the amount of available bone for dental implant insertion

  • i.e. parts of the jawbone can be grown back again to receive dental implants.
  • advancement osteotomies in the mandible and maxilla.

  • Surgery is generally less major in nature and probably subjects the sensory nerves in the mandible to reduced risk of injury. The end position of the bones is less easy to guarantee and the technique may be associated with abnormal tooth occlusion in some cases. The use of Engineering Assisted Surgery™ planning techniques may address some of these problems.

    Cosmetic Facial Surgery – Facial Makeovers

    Cosmetic jaw surgery may be carried out by Maxillofacial Surgeons in conjunction with other cosmetic facial procedures. If many procedures are carried out all at the same time this is termed a Facial Makeover.