Engineering Assisted Surgery - Internet Services

For those patients undecided about a formal consultation with a consultant surgeon, by arrangement, Nurse Coordinators are able to email digital photographs to the consultant on line for image manipulation and prediction of outcome. This is returned by email in many cases within the hour. For more complex cases, prediction photographs may be emailed to patients using secure password codes. It is to be stressed that this service is not a substitute for clinical consultation and examination by the consultant - but may be helpful to the patient and enables the NCAFOS to provide this service nationally throughout the United Kingdom.

Engineering Assisted Surgery - Biomodelling Service

Biomodels have been used to:

  • improve accuracy of diagnosis of injury / deformity
  • identify nerve canals running in bone
  • plan dental implant cases
  • treat patients with facial pain
  • map the course of blood vessels
  • map the boundaries of tumours (tumour mapping)
  • manufacture surgical jigs for precision accuracy
  • manufacture customized implants and joints
  • rehearse surgical operations

  • Custom jigs may be manufactured to virtually guarantee precision bone cuts and the positioning of bone fragments.

    This technology is useful in dental implant case planning, where precision drilling jigs can be manufactured for optimum implant positioning.