Bone Grafting

Bone grafting may be required in some cases:

  • to prevent tooth loss in periodontal (gum) disease
  • for dental implant placement
  • for cosmetic facial surgery procedures

  • Tissue Engineering is a new surgical technique that enables control of the body’s natural healing processes. Surgery to harvest bone grafts from the patient are not required. Shorter, safer operations are possible using commercially available graft materials.

    Treatment is often possible under local anaesthesia without major surgery.

    Tissue Engineering…….

  • enhances healing and regeneration of bone and soft tissue after surgery
  • guides the growth and regeneration of soft tissue (guided tissue regeneration)
  • guides the growth and regeneration of bone (guided bone regeneration)

  • Graft material……. is slowly replaced by the body’s own bone

  • non biological allografts (derived from compounds e.g. bioactive glass)
  • sterilised bone grafts (human banked bone - Demineralised Bone Matrix)
  • sterilised bone grafts (animal origin e.g. Bio-Oss)
  • autologous bone grafts (e.g. from your own mouth or hip)

  • Resorbable collagen membranes…..

  • protective barriers secured with tacks
  • covers graft / prevents unwanted ingrowth of tissue

  • Growth Factors……

  • enhance healing of hard and soft tissues
  • obtained from blood sample
  • thought to increase bone density by 60%

  • Platelet growth factors

  • derived from blood plasma
  • mixed with the graft
  • healing is enhanced
  • bone density is increased