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Biomodel Manufacture

Customised Implants


Interested Purchasers and Clinicians should register with ComputerGen Implants and are referred to the Joint Microsoft NetMeeting Clinic Facility on this website, for:

Treatment protocol details
Joint planning of cases
Joint audit of outcomes

Input from clinicians is welcomed in this global partnership with respect to further research and development of this technology, across a broad range of surgical specialties. This service will be of particular interest to those clinicians and lawyers specialising in personal injury.

Biomodel Manufacture

In order to make a biomodel, data must be supplied to us in one of the following 3 formats:

STL files
MRI scan data
CT scan data - dicom protocols

The data files can be supplied to us on optical disk, cd-rom or sent via FTP in Winzip format to this website. As a general rule cuts should be 1mm in thickness around the specific point of interest. Please send opening password by separate email or fax communication. Costs for 2002 are inclusive of biomodel creation and shipment. Each reversed engineered to ensure that it is within specification.

Quotations for other biomodels are supplied on request. Biomodels will be ready for shipment world-wide within 72 hours of the receipt of data in the majority of cases.

Customised Implants

Costs of customised jigs and implants are available on application and are dependent on the agreed treatment plan. Customised Implants will generally be ready for shipment within 14 days of receipt of the treatment plan and scan data.

Other technical/surgical assistance is available by arrangement.

Photomorphanalysis - Surgical Prediction

This service is available by arrangement. Options include transmission of:

jpg files
avi / mpg morphing files of presurgical and prediction modes.

to clinicians for discussion with their patients, and for purposes of audit.

Applications in:

Implant Surgery
Aesthetic Facial Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery

Surgery of the Ageing Face (Facelift, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Liposuction etc).